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Leo won a free dinner at “Brio Tuscan Grille” at some golf tournament. So off we go tonight. I am quite thankful to have my dinner prepared for me. Really I am. So thankful, that I found the menu online, so I can be thinking about it all day.

Now, I don’t really expect authenticity at a chain restaurant in the mall. And I am certainly not an authority on what is and what is not authentically Tuscan. But “Tuscan Mashed Potatoes”? Grilled Asparagus at this time of the year (and probably year ‘round)? It looks like the menu of every Italian-American restaurant I’ve ever been to. Will it be good? Probably. But why pretend that it is “Tuscan”? So that it lures in all the women of a certain age that read the Frances Mayes book or - worse still - saw the movie.

We had a different sort of problem at a truly lovely Italian restaurant that we went to last week - Trattoria Stella in Traverse City. Authenticity aside, it was lovely (and, with their emphasis on fresh and locally sourced ingredients, I’d say it did pretty good on authenticity too). But the large group we were with ordered in the American style (of the 4 courses offered, most people only took 2 or 3 of them, and not the same 2 or 3). Also, everyone ordered individually. So the dinner seemed to take forever.

On a totally different subject, I really really want a hotsling. But I’m stuck on whether or not I have to get a boy appropriate print. I mean, I am a girl and I am the one wearing it. But if I carry Owen about in a floral sling, will everyone assume he’s a girl? Of the non-florals, the Manchester appeals to me. So does the tattoo print, but maybe that’s too bad ass for me at present. I would get just plain black, but the last time I did that the sling turned out to be a lint magnet.

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