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Owen is cutting his first tooth. I know Iíve said this before, but this time its really happening. There is drool and crankiness everywhere. When things are really bad, Iíve resorted to giving him baby Tylenol. The crankiness disappears after that. He also starts to laugh more.

I first noticed the Tylenol/loopiness connection a couple of days ago. Owen was playing in the pakíníplay while I was making dinner and he was just cracking himself up. I mean he would have been doubled over laughing had he had the ability to be doubled over. Then yesterday, at the fabric store (Haberman fabrics, which is the most wonderful fabric store Iíve ever seen), he started cracking up as this lady said hi to him. I have no idea why this was so funny, she didnít do anything different from the thousand other people that say hi to him everyday. But he was just dying from laughter. And it was an hour after giving him some baby Tylenol.

So, I guess what Iím looking to say here is that I think my son is getting high off of baby Tylenol. I really am using it as sparingly as possible. My mother-in-law suggested freezing some baby washcloths for him to chew on and that seems to work too. But sometimes he is inconsolable. SoÖ


Later today, Iím off for more car care. I had to have my rotors and brake pads replaced while up north. So that, along with my million dollar oil change, Leoís new tires, and now that his check engine light is on, we will soon have spent close to 3% of our annual income on car care in just one month. I canít tell you how fun it is to spend some quality time at the dealership, especially with a baby.

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