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Because of the teething (and I really do hope it is teething and not something else) Owen has not been sleeping well. So I have felt like the living dead the past couple of days. But he was back to normal last night. And I feel like a million bucks. Thank God.

We went swimming again over the weekend. Well, Owen, Leo and his grandparents went swimming; I sat in the shade (fully clothed) and read. Blissful. Owen learned that if he splashed the water, he could catch tiny drops of heavily chlorinated water on his tongue. He hates the taste of rice cereal, mashed banana, strained apples, etc. But chlorinated water is apparently quite the delicacy. Hes been sticking his tongue out ever since; in the hopes that some other tasty effluvia will come his way.

Opps, naptime is upon us all ready.

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