I know I had something interesting to say, I just forgot what it was


SoÖwhatís on the calendar for this week?

Monday: nothing
Tuesday: nothing
Wednesday: nothing
Thursday: help people play bingo at a local retirement home (which is like playing Scrabble with shut-ins, but different)
Friday: nothing

Actually, I am much more upbeat about the whole transition to staying at home today. Itís just like starting any new job; it takes some time to get used to (canít you just FEEL the excitement in my voice?).

I might end up going to my chiropractor this week too, so that will double the number of engagements I have this week.

The weather didnít help my mood this weekend. I think itís safe to call what happened yesterday a blizzard. Stupid Michigan weather.

Letís see, what else? I am reading Madame de Pompadour by Nancy Mitford and I just love it. I love anything she wrote. I probably would have enjoyed reading her grocery lists. She makes the court of Louis XV more exciting and scandal packed than the entire run of Melrose Place. Iím all ďand then the Comte de Agniers did WHAT?Ē

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