Lebanese sushi


I had thought that the Lebanese quesadilla at La Shish was the funniest menu item I'd ever seen at a Middle Eastern restaurant. Funnier than the Lebanese salsa, even. Then Sara and I went out to a Lebanese place for lunch yesterday, and they had sushi on the menu. You could have fattoush, schwarma, and...tuna rolls. Frightening. And, speaking of frightening, the restaurant also had a gold lame covered stage and a disco ball. I am so going back on Saturday night.

I was so happy when Owen was 6 weeks old because I felt like I had finally gotten the whole stay-at-home-mom thing down. At 8 weeks, my floors are scrubbed, dishes clean, shirts ironed and I turned my attention to reorganizing the cookbook room. Before we moved, my cooking magazines were nicely organized by month. Somehow their order got all jumbled and I have - somehow - survived two solid years by scanning the spines of the entire collection when I'm looking for something. Can you believe? Anyhoo, I got them all sorted out. I even weeded out some things, like Kitchen Garden, Food Arts, and Pastry Art and Design. The first is really more of a gardening magazine, and I have a rep for killing all plants so I doubt I'll ever want to refer back to it. The latter two are meant for professionals. I used to think that meant that the recipes in them were somehow harder. And maybe they are, in a sense. But usually the recipes are just terribly complex and have many components. They're for things that make sense to make in quantity. So out they went. I kept the Cooking Lights, even though there's way too much diet talk and not enough recipes. They might go in the next reorg.

It was truly a jaunt down memory lane to go through the magazines. I usually flag the recipes I'm planning on using for a dinner party. There were all sorts of parties that I had forgotten about until yesterday. I'm currently working on Mother's Day brunch. At first I was thinking Georgian (as in Republic of, not the state) but Schwest talked me down. Now it is Provencal. It has to be low fat (Leo's dad has already had a bypass), low carb (for my mom), and pork-free (Schwest). So maybe I can make up some kind of low fat aioli for starters. I'm thinking about doing some sort of leg of lamb, then maybe individual gruyere soufflés with crab, an eggplant and red pepper tian, asparagus with chevre and bacon, and then a lemon tart and flourless chocolate cake to finish. I have Schwest's ice cream maker, and I'd really like to use it. Maybe, instead of a raspberry coulis, I could make some sorbet to go with the cake. Or I have a recipe for a lavender sorbet, that would go well with fruit. Gosh, I love planning this stuff. And I am so jazzed about my first Mother's Day as a mom.

Leo just called to suggest that we take Owen to his first baseball game on Tuesday. It will be my fourth. I went to one Tiger's game as a child, once with Leo's previous firm when he was interning, once to a minor league game on a business trip and now this. As you can see, I am quite a fan. Leo doesn't like baseball either, so a good time should be had by all.

I guess I should shower if I'm really going to go volunteer at the retirement home bingo game.

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