The only thing I donít like so far about being a stay at home mom is the incredible loneliness. Yesterday, for example, my one contact with humans whose age is not measured in weeks, was at Big Lots. Leo didnít come home until 11 last night, so he was no help. And I really donít consider the Big Lots experience to be quality communication (and, while the crowd there was pretty strange, nothing out of the ordinary happened. Which is pretty out of the ordinary in and of itself).

I have tried, really tried, to join moms groups and meet people. Unfortunately, most Ďmoms and kidsí type activities are not for newborns, so those groups are out for now. Arenít there other people in my situation?

It almost makes auditing computer programs look interesting. I wouldnít go back to work for my own good (tempting though it is), as surely things will get better. Playgroups will be joined, Activities taken. I just wish it would happen more quickly.

Which is why you, my dear friends, need to get knocked up ASAP.

They arenít much help

Iíve been trying to think of things I can do with Owen. Volunteering appeals to me, but what can I do with a baby? I could attempt playing Scrabble with shut-ins again.

I am so going to turn into that old lady who brought her cat to the grocery store. Except that Leo wonít let us get a cat. Which is probably for the best.

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