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Would someone please explain to me why it is romantic to have rose petals sprinkled on a bed? I like roses, I can see why they are “romantic”. And I certainly understand the bed part. I just don’t see how having bits of plant material in bed would put anyone in the mood. I mean, I am not likely to sleep in a bed with plant bits on it; I certainly would not be induced to get nekid on it.

Not that Leo is ever likely to do such a thing.  I'm just saying.


I think today is my last day of paid leave. Good bye paycheck, I loved you well. Maybe we will meet again some day far, far away.

I had my last midwife appointment today too. I have been declared well. The big hit of the checkup was the blanket that Schwest knit for Owen. The midwife just ripped it off the sleeping baby and started examining the stitches. Then she asked me all sorts of complicated knitting questions, none of which I could answer.


Do you remember G.G. Allen? Leo is reading some book that mentioned him and he asked me about him. My G.G. Allen memories are so buried that it almost hurt to think back that far. What I came up with is that he is rumored to have been so punk rock as to have taking a crap on stage. Take that, Iggy.


I finally got a happy baby picture today of Owen in his chicken diaper. Its almost too small
for him now.. Very sad. I’m thinking about getting the duck next or maybe the

They're both pretty cute. 






We went to three family functions this weekend.  Many pictures were
taken, I just need to get to moms to download them.  Squeaker appears to be
waking.  Must attend to baby now.

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