Epiphany; or Discovering the Obvious (and Why I Suck as a Mom)


Owen has real trouble on days when we don't leave the house. He just doesn't seem to be able to fall deeply asleep (like he does in his car seat). So he gets pretty cranky. I have no plans to leave the house today. So how was I going to get him to sleep?

I decided to try using our usual bedtime routine. I put him in the swaddle blanket. I nursed him while lying down and turned on the fan for white noise. It worked, he slept!

As I was marveling over this, it hit me that I had "put the boy down for a nap". Yes, this was a "nap". How did I not think of napping before? I had just assumed that he'd fall asleep when he got tired (you know, because babies are totally logical in everything else they do). I have read scores of baby-raising books and none really mentioned the nap or at what age it should be started. How could they have let me done so? The nap is the greatest thing to ever happen to me!

Once I had him sleeping, I realized that I needed a way to keep tabs on him. Hmmm, I can't really hear his cries from the other room. A-ha! Baby monitor!

Yes, today I independently discovered both the nap and the baby monitor. Hallelujah. Owen is now taking his second nap. I can't believe it took me 6 weeks to even think of it. That just goes to show that people who are this sleep deprived should not also be responsible for a tiny baby.

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