It’s been a Chico’s kind of day…all week long.


I think Owen has hit the six-week growth spurt a week early. There’s been a whole lotta eatin going on. And speaking of eating, we went to a La Leche League (sister organization of the Lollipop Guild) meeting today. There were 7 kids there, 3 of them named Owen. And one little girl named Minneapolis.

Schwest and I (and Owen) saw Guess Who? On Tuesday. It was um, ok, especially if you’ve been stuck in the house with no one to speak to but a newborn for a week. We also took a lovely walk in the woods behind the park and I was a little afraid that we’d get lost and need air rescue, which is especially sad since we were at 9 and Evergreen.

The wood floors are done in the living/dining room. OK, the trim still needs to be done, but they are pretty much finished. And I love how it looks. And I am so happy to be able to leave the house during the day. The handyman who put them in is very nice, but he talks to himself a lot and that kind of creeped me out.

Leo and Owen’s Godmother (same person) is getting married this weekend. Can’t wait to see the little man in his dress up outfit. And, hopefully, we’ll get some good pictures of him and his cousin.

Owen’s grandparents gave him Psychedelic Elmo last night. It’s a bug-eyed Elmo with a blanket covered in weird swirls and mushrooms. It came with a book of “Elmo’s favorite things” which I expected to include PCP, but it doesn’t. There are probably hidden drug messages in there; I just haven’t seen them yet. Really, its kind of scary that any company thought this was a good idea to manufacture. Even more frightening is how much Owen loves it. I’ll have to get him ‘Just Say No’ Big Bird next.

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