I got my haircut on Tuesday. Schwest offered to give me money to go anywhere but the 9/11 salon, but I refused. "It will be fine", I said. And, after the crazy Russian lady who remembers every detail of my life blow dried it, it was. Well now I've been cooped up in one room of my house for three days while wood floors are installed. So I have not blow dried (not that I even have the technical knowledge to do so). And I am finally ready to admit it: I look like Tony Danza. Damn 9/11 salon.

Owen is happily snoring away in his sling. I never really had any idea of how darn loud babies are when they sleep. I'm talking louder than 'Leo with a cold' snoring.

The wood floors are only half way done. They were supposed to take 3 days (personally, I never bought into the 3 day estimate, but that's what we were told). We are 2.5 days into the project and half done. So I'm thinking that we will be sporting some lovely mustard yellow faux brick linoleum for the baptism party. And we'll have to put all of the furniture back and then move it again to finish the job. And I'll be stuck at home for a few more days next week.

Not only am I confined to one tiny, overcrowded room but Leo is in Chicago on business. So I am totally alone. Oh, ok, Owen is here too. But I haven't spoken to someone (other than the occasional "I know, baby, it IS hard to poop") for days. And, because my living room furniture is in my kitchen, I've had nothing to eat but Lean Cuisine. The situation is ripe for insanity.

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