my plunge into preggo insanity


I dusted the furnace over shutdown.

It all started when I got it into my head that I had to launder and iron every article of clothing in our house. All of them. Shirts of Leo's that I've never seen before and teeny-tiny baby clothes that won't be used for another 2 months. After I cleaned out the laundry room, I realized how dirty looking the water heater and furnace looked. So they got cleaned too.

This all led to a moment of panic last night when I realized that the heat did not work. I had dusted the furnace 24 hours prior, and I knew the heat was working that morning, but I was still convinced that I must have flipped some switch in my cleaning frenzy. I read the instructions on the furnace and determined that I would likely blow myself up if I tried to manually restart it. Then I spent about 10 minutes visualizing Leo coming home to find me frozen stiff. I then tried the number one technique that anyone in technology uses to "fix" things: I turned the heat off, then back on. And it worked. I spent the rest of the evening being damned thankful.

Yesterday was day 1 of the two week long international meeting. So, at 7:30 am, I was greeted by the Spanish Eugene Levy who kissed me on each cheek. Then the Mexican guy did the same. The German auditor is actually an American so I was spared the kissing from her. Really, it makes me terribly uncomfortable. The non-Americans each hugged the VP when they saw him. I am shocked to say that this makes him even more uncomfortable than it does me. When in Rome, people.

I have suffered through 2 hours so far of the network and firewall security course that we have this week. It's a little, um, dry. And my boss chose to sit next to me, so no dozing off.

Leo made it back last night, and so did my mom who went on a theater tour in London. Mom had a wonderful time and was upgraded to business class each way. Leo had a good time but his flight was really delayed and he didn't get in until after midnight.

OK, back to router configuration....

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