happy birthday to me


It is 10,000 degrees in here. If its that hot in my office, the training room will likely have burst into flames by now. Can't wait to go down there.

Should anyone need a Cisco router securely configured, just let me know. That's pretty much what we learned in class yesterday. I'd expound upon that, but it is so boring that you'd probably lose consciousness. I almost did. The subject matter was terribly dry, the room was hot and dark and I almost fell asleep. The company had thoughtfully provided us with "snacks" to keep us going. Those snacks included chips, cookies, brownies and soda. Maybe they are trying to kill us off. I brought some fruit and yogurt today, but its still a little rough to eat those when you are surrounded by sucrose and trans fat.

Leo got me a gorgeous gift for my birthday. Its a hand painted Greek Orthodox triptych (as opposed to the AAA TripTik, which would have been a really sucky gift) of Mary and two angels. He said when he bought it that the sales lady recommended that we place it on our home alter...

Other than my excitement over the painting, the day has been a little glum so far. My day at work will likely blow (I think we might get into firewall configuration today). I weigh 5 billion pounds and the pregnancy induced acne rages on. Eight and a half more weeks of being pregnant is probably more than I can take. I had a little chat with Owen this morning about how he should really work hard on his lung development so he can join me in time for the Super Bowl. We'll see, but I think I was pretty persuasive. After work, I am going to the dreaded Bailey's (sports bar and official hangout of all Ford engineers) for a going away party of a coworker. Maybe someone will buy me a birthday O'Doul's.

I have yet to see the Mexican, Spanish and British guys today. It's snowing out, we got about 3 inches last night, and I bet none of them are used to driving in the snow. The British guy is our instructor. The class was so boring that I took great delight every time he said ROOTer instead of ROWTer and when he called the DMZee a DMZed. You have to find those bright spots...

Have I mentioned that I've lost feeling in my right hand? Its alternates between total numbness and being all tingly. I thought it was a pinched nerve (which I've had before) but my chiropractor things its pregnancy related carpel tunnel. So I'm in great shape all around.

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