mixed emotions


9 weeks!?!?! How the hell did that happen?

I am SO EXCITED and SO SCARED to be responsible for a baby in just 9 weeks. Luckily, the excited part is slowly overtaking the scared part. But I can go from one to the other in under 2 seconds. Itís the same way with the baby clothes (which I washed and folded this weekend). They are so tiny and yet so big! When folded (Iím sure that this week will be the only time in my life that I actually get it together to fold onesies), they are smaller than a cocktail napkin. Tiny. And yet, when held against my stomach, they are huge.

And speaking of onesies, I am taken with how gender specific everything is. We live in an age of pretty darn androgynous clothes. In my pre-pregnant days (remember those?) I even wore Leoís pants on a regular basis. I mean, khakis are khakis. And menís pants have nice, big pockets, so why not? This is very different from baby clothes. Baby clothes must all be either blue or pink. Sure, yellow and green are made, but only in the 0-3 month size and only for those people who donít find out what they are having. No gender conscious parent would ever willingly dress their daughter in yellow!

So everything that Owen owns (which is already quite a substantial pile oí crap) is blue. It is either decorated with trucks or dogs. I guess I can kind of see assigning transportation, as a whole, to boys just as flowers shall belong to girls. But dogs? Donít they need girl dogs to continue on as a species? And why are cats for girls only? How does that even make any sense? Do dogs and cats have a single gender in other cultures? Iíd be interested to know.

As you may have guessed, laundry has been a large part of my week. I have done at least 10 loads of it. And Ė so far Ė I have spent about 15 hours ironing. Iím not yet done. After ironing, I hung all of Leoís shirts up by order of the dominant color. Oh, the ironing was all for Leo (who is off living large in Vail while I, his Cinderella-like wife, toil away in the wash room) because Leo has 15 times more clothing than I do. There are even doubles of certain items. And sometimes he owns the same thing in multiple colors. Even odder is that he has only purchased maybe 5 shirts in the past 5 years. I think his clothes must multiply on their own. Or spontaneously generate in the un-ironed clean laundry pile.


In case you are wondering, I never did get the bhel puri I was waxing ecstatic about. It completely slipped my mind! But we had plenty of food anyhow so it was hardly missed. And I managed to stay up to toast midnight (with a glass of sparkling grape juice). I was in bed less than an hour later, but what do you expect?

Iím glad the whole ďimminent motherhoodĒ thing has completely taken my mind off of turning 31.

Ok, back to ironing.

Oh, and I have a God-awful 40 hours of training this week. So I doubt Iíll have much fun computer down time. Instead, we will be learning about proper firewall configuration.


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