being off work is...blissful


Letís see, where were we?

Christmas Eve chez in-laws went just fine. Then we had Christmas at my momís house, managed to sneak Schwestís birthday in there and then we had the extended in-law remix on Boxing Day. Leo said he never really got into Christmas this year (which is really something, as we celebrated it three days in a row) and I know what he means.

Monday and Tuesday were spent feeling rather blah. Maybe it was hormones, post holiday let down, or depression caused by the deaths of thousands and thousands of people in Asia. Who knows? I am not a naturally depressed person, so it was rather out of character and difficult to deal with.

There have been many shopping trips. And I finally got my act together yesterday. I ironed for about 4 hours straight. There was nothing on TV, so I watched an on demand documentary about men who voluntarily castrate themselves. I would have thought they would do it to reduce a scary sex drive (like pedophiles or something) but they actually did it to become genderless. I canít say I get it.

Iím making some peppermint brownies for tonight. Oh and some baked brie with amaretto soaked apricots and walnuts. And I might pick up some samosas and bhel puri. You know, so we have that traditional New Yearís Eve bhel puri. And, while I can make a completely convincing samosa, I firmly believe that bhel puri is one of the few things that is far better when made by others. Itís just too much trouble to fry all those puris and make the chutneys and whatnot and Iíd probably have to take a nap half way through so why not just pay someone a couple of bucks for all that puri goodness?

After my 4 hours of ironing, Iím ashamed to admit that I am not yet done. Itís all Leoís fault; he has five times more clothes than me and his shirts are so big (for such a skinny guy) that they take an eternity to iron. And I really want to move some furniture around in the bedroom and it is taking all of my self control (like I have any) to keep me from doing it. I am supposed to be ďtaking it easyĒ this week. And my sister-in-law blames furniture moving as the root cause for her pregnancy medical issues. Seems kind of unrelated to me, but she is a doctor. So Iíll just sit on my ass and eat bhel puri.

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