Happy Birthday Schwest!



Does anything else really even matter?

It might not matter, but I'll tell you anyhow, just to kill time.

I had a hubcap stolen recently. Someone took the time to unscrew six bolts to take it. Sheesh. In other depressing news, we have a plumber coming out on Monday to work on all three of our toilets. Two keep running. One has a screwy handle. It's all glamour at my house.

It blizzarded last night. I had trouble driving down our street this morning, which is dirt. No telling if Leo ever made it out. Leo woke up at 3 am with me. I think it was sympathy insomnia. HBO wasn't showing any porn, but they did have a Chris Rock special on. Leo read.

As I was packing up our Christmas presents to bring to either my mom's or my in-law's, I realized that I didn't really have a good present for Schwest! Jiminy Cricket! How did that happen? Well, I think I know. It all has to do with my sincere November intentions of crafting gifts. This intention usually disappears by December 1. So that leaves me without a "core" gift (there are two peripheral gifts). SO I will venture out in the blizzard to find Schwest a good gift. Although it is tempting to just go to Kmart (because its a block away), I will go as far as Northland Mall (America's first - and most cracky - mall) to find a gift. Because I care that much.

Oh and today is Schwest's Birthday. 28. She's an old lady. I did remember to buy her a birthday present. I even took the time to wrap it to remember a 1980's aerobics instructor (just trust me on that).


Next week I'm interviewing a pediatrician. I feel kind of stupid doing this, you know because I don't have any kids at the moment, but I want to get an ally against all of the stupid routing medical things that they do to babies at birth. Like the eye drops, for instance. They are used in case the mom has gonorrhea or chlamydia which could cause blindness in the baby. I was tested for both at the start of the pregnancy and I just haven't gotten around to whoring it up since, so what's the point? Or take the Hepatitis B vaccine (which contains mercury). HepB can only be transmitted from the mom (I don't have it), from unprotected sex, or from dirty needles. Owen is so terribly unlikely to start up a heroin habit in his first month or so of life, so what's the big rush in giving him something that could potentially make him very sick or even cause brain damage?


My mom just called me to tell me that she took the day off. That's something. I don't think, in the last 25 years, she's ever had a sick day. She took a vacation day today, but its still something that she took off.

OK, I'm tired enough that I think I might try to sleep while pretending to read. Thank goodness I can sleep with my eyes open. It is such a valuable work skill.

In case I don't bother to turn on my computer in the next two days, Happy Holidays and whatnot. Oh, and my birthday is January 5, people. I expect presents. You have been warned.

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