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Why did I decide to make a crazy looking menu for Thanksgiving?  Good question.  Especially since I don't have a color printer.

Last night Leo decided to formally introduce himself to Owen.  This included getting right up against my stomach and speaking in a fairly frightening voice.  Then Owen would kick (probably because he was completely frightened by the Voice of God thing that Leo was doing.  Then is spiraled out of control with Leo saying things like "Owen - I AM YOUR FATHER" like Darth Vadar.  The kid's never going to come out now.

I would really like to sleep for a continuous 8 hours.  I'm afraid that it might not happen for another 10 years.  I bought an egg crate foam mattress topper thing and it has helped tremendously.  I sleep even better if I surround myself with pillows.  I know they make "pregnancy pillows" and the idea does appeal to me, but it seems like I should be able to tough out the next three months without one. 

I spent a million dollars in groceries last night at Super K, so at least I know that I'm not to blame for them merging with Sears.  I needed some buttermilk but all of the buttermilk was at the very back of the dairy case.  So I stepped on the bottom rail and tried to reach it but my gigantic stomach got in the way.  So I had to ask a stranger to reach it for me.  I think I might have mumbled something about how my stomach got in the way when I tried.  He was very nice about it but I still felt rather stupid.

Speaking of food, I am trying my darndest now to eat "sensibly" (I passed the average weight gain a long time ago).  I am not a sensible person by nature so its been rather hard.  Plus I am hungry all of the time.  Don't worry, the baby is getting PLENTY of calories, all of the "sensible". 

I have (amazingly) caught up on most of my work.  So I think I might sneak out of here a little early.  I have to go to the cheese store to get some dry mountain-style gorgonzola for the fougasse.  I think I might make some sort of non-alcoholic cocktail also.  I hate juice - its too sweet - but I was thinking some sort of pomegranate juice spritzer or something might work well.  We'll see.

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