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Remember Stretch Armstrong? My legs are made from the same material now. Now matter how roomy my socks are (I even bought some plus-sized ones), they take the sock shape about 15 minutes after I put them on. There is a half inch indentation around the top band and, if the socks are tight, the covered part of my leg will be significantly thinner than the unhindered part. By the end of the day my ankles are the same width as my thighs no matter what I do. Maybe I can mold them into fun holiday shapes.

I had a breast feeding dream last night. It was really rather odd. Not the dream really, just that I had a child and was responsible for feeding it. I would have hoped that this would have sunk in by now, but it hasn't. What is God thinking, making me responsible for another life?

I have a cold. And, of course, I can't take anything for it. I also have a squirming and kicking baby in my gut. It is such a strange sensation that I really want to press my hand against my abdomen every time he freaks out like this. But then I look like Al Bundy with my hand down my pants at work. Ok, I don't actually put my hand DOWN my pants, but its still a pretty unnatural and weird position. Really, feeling yourself up at work is just not appropriate. And yet I find it so fascinating (I can feel bones in there now) that I can't help it. And it feels so much less odd when there is counter pressure. Not that it hurts or anything, it just feel strange, like a muscle spasm.

I go shopping tonight for the first wave of Thanksgiving prep. I'm pretty excited about it. There's so much to do! Oh, and my trip to Ohio was cancelled, thank goodness. So now there is more time for cooking. And crafting. As I have said before, I'm afraid this will be a rather craft-centric Christmas.

I spoke to Fr. Bob last night about baptism. It looks like Owen will be baptized at the Easter Vigil, Divine Mercy Vigil or noon mass, or maybe the weekend after Divine Mercy. Easter Vigil seems a little solemn for a baby, but we might have to go with that to accommodate schedules. I'm pulling for Divine Mercy Sunday, personally.

You will be so happy to know that the totally strange and non-sequiterious whale mural downtown has been saved from the evil clutches of GM (who is trying to cover every square foot of downtown with their logo). Now future generations can stare at the building and wonder how or why a gigantic picture of a whale got on the side of a building. I'm shocked to see that the mural is just 7 years old. I could've sworn it has been there longer.

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