my answer is g


I currently am receiving about a 40% on the CISSP prep tests. The "real" test is three weeks from tomorrow. 70% is passing. That sounds easy enough, right?

One of the major problems is that many questions are multiple choice ("which 4 of the following 7 things are true..."). Invariably, I get one answer wrong so the whole question is marked wrong.

There are specific questions about what protocols use which ports, God-awful RAID levels (and we aren't just talking 0 - 10, 57 and other weird levels are included), which connectors go with which cables and which network topologies (and 95% of the content is so old you would never use it in the real world, I mean, am I EVER going to have to cable a token-ring network?) and the dreaded OSI model. Did I mention signal attenuation? I hate signal attenuation.

On top of everything else, the test is from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm without a lunch break. And I have to pee about every 4 and a half minutes nowadays so it should be extra fun.

In much happier news, the pumpkin-cranberry tea bread and the maple pecan sticky bars have been made and frozen. I make the pate fermente tonight for the fougasses tomorrow. I also make the parmesan baskets tomorrow. I'm a little nervous about them. I haven't chosen a mold yet, I'm thinking that I'll keep them fairly flat. Oh well, I can also use the mistakes as croutons, right?

And now I'd like to know:

Which EIA/TIA UTP Cable Category is assigned for voice-graded telephone networks, 10-Mbps Ethernet, 4-Mbps token ring, 100Base-T4 fast Ethernet and 100Base-VG-AnyLan?

a) 5e
b) 4
c) 3
d) 5
e) 2
f) 1
g) I have no fricking clue

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