Hey Kool-Aid!


I have been so incredibly busy, what with wasting all my time at Dale Carnegie and making stupid presentations that I don't even know which way is up.

I had another "episode" yesterday. All I had to do was make 4 more slices in the apple baklava before putting it into the oven for a whole hour. But cutting baklava requires standing. And I could not stand. So, like an idiot, I would make one cut, then fall to the floor in a heap. After 5 minutes I would attempt to stand again, cut, and collapse. Was I collapsing to the floor with a sharp knife in my hands? I don't really remember, but probably. I don't think Leo actually comprehended what was happening.

I finally got the baklava cut and into the oven (because - hey - I have priorities) and then I retreated to my bed for the next hour. The retreating part only took a minute. The lying perfectly still part took the other 59.

I was fine after that and we had a nice brunch. I made a potato crusted smoked cheddar and canadian bacon quiche, which I think was quite good. I forgot that I can't digest eggs, though, and I was in pain 5 hours later. I also made some walnut, pear and gorgonzola sandwiches (a little dry), brie and ham sandwiches, caramelized bacon, and cinnamon rolls. For dessert there was some caramel corn, orange zest molasses cookies, apple baklava (the recipe called for fresh apples, so it was too wet. I'd try dried next time) and toasted almond toffee. It was really quite stupid for me to have made toffee because I am such a toffee-holic that I knew ahead of time that I would end up eating the whole sheet of it myself. And that pretty much has held true.

I went to an OB this morning. I saw an OB instead of my midwife at the insistence of Dr. sister-in-law and frightened husband. I did get a kick out of thinking that, at 5 months pregnant, I saw an OB for the first time. I don't think I'm missing anything. I got the "official" results of last month's ultrasound. I guess the tech couldn't see the spine well enough, so I get another. I was leery of the whole ultrasound thing before I got pregnant but now I have to admit to being a little excited to get one more glimpse at the creature that has been kicking me in the bladder this whole time.

Speaking of kicking, I can feel the kicks from outside my stomach now too. I can't help but think of how bored the baby must be. He really does nothing but try to bust his way through my abdomen like the Kool-Aid pitcher busted through walls in those old commercial (they should really bring those back) and sleep.

The OB told me to "take it easy". In my mind (I didn't ask because I didn't really want to know), this means that I shouldn't go to pre-natal belly dance class but that everything else within reason is ok.

Now that it looks like I really will be able to stay home full time, I'm having a little trouble getting jazzed up over work. Why should I care, I won't even be here in 6 months! I just need to do enough to stay employed in the short term...

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