Where did today go?


Well, I'm waist high in the what-the-hell-do-I-buy-people-this-year dilemma? Every year starts with Olivia's birthday. This year, I am going to get her the Dora the Explorer Talking Dollhouse. I feel pretty darn confident about this choice. She is nuts over Dora. But what should I get her for Christmas? Maybe the Fisher-Price Nativity Set and Candyland? Who knows.

And, as for everyone else, I have no idea. I will say that we are all about the cheap, er, ah, "homemade" gift this year. You've been warned.

Speaking of gifts, I got a big old baby package from Dad and Roger Daltry the Hutt yesterday. It contained some absolutely adorable stuff, including a little jacket/bear costume, complete with ears. It still scares the crap out of me how big 0 - 3 months sized clothing is. Take the outerwear thing, for example. It stretches from my waist to my collar bone. That's a big baby. And it will come out of me. Ow.

Leo and I got our wills all taken care of over lunch. It took me 45 minutes to get downtown. It was almost like the city of Detroit constructed a barricade to keep people from Dearborn out. But I saved $5 by finding street parking, so I was happy in the end.

Did I mention that I won an AWARD in Carnegie? No? Well, it was for my "breakthrough" in knowledge of football. I diagrammed a play, you know, because that's an important business skill to know. I also gave a speech on how Carnegie was making me care less about my job (or how I was less stressed) but I didn't get an award for that. I even had to give my football speech twice, probably because they thought it was a fluke the first time round.

Everyone needs to go out and buy some GM SUVs tonight. Many good people will be loosing their jobs because demand is down. Very sad.

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