I am oft mistaken for the Olsen twins too


After waiting a solid hour in line to vote, I get up to the polling desk (or whatever its called).

Little old lady working the desk: "Hi, honey. Is this your first..."

I figured she was about to say "baby" so I start nodding emphatically. Yes, yes, I'm gestating, now let me get my vote on.

Instead, she finishes with "...presidential election?".

I look at her blankly (this is the usual look I have when I am attempting to do even the most simple math in my head).

I then say, no, actually its my fourth. That threw her for a loop. Did she really think I was under 22? Flattering. But how can she adequately do her job is she really can't see that well?

I had another morning with Dale Carnegie. The class is becoming more tolerable because the class now does nothing but heckle the instructors. So it is slightly amusing even.

The nesting instinct, so much a part of the folklore of later pregnancy, often shows itself for the first time around the fifth month. Coincident with a spurt of energy, you may have a sudden urge to clean house, even to extremes you've never tackled before (wall-washing anyone?). You may find that where you once were outgoing, you now prefer to keep to your nest, like a brood hen.

Would this PLEASE kick in? PLEASE? We are gearing up to selling the place and there is so much to do! We have to go to Ikea and buy cabinets. It looks like the only day it will be *convenient* to do that is the day after Thanksgiving. Everyone in the entire world will be at the Chicago Ikea that day, right? I think I'll need to stock up on valium just for that. Do brood hens want to kick ass in Ikea? Can they fight off hoards of people? Can they load boxes of cabinets on nothing but a stomach full of Swedish meatballs?

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