If my life were Tivo, I would just fast forward 6 months.

I had some late afternoon medical drama yesterday.
Well, Dr. Big Gulp was no help whatsoever. I generally like him because he always says that there is nothing that medicine can do for me. That's a great answer and exactly what I want to hear when I have a sinus infection. It is not what I wanted to hear last night, though. He tried to blame the near-fainting on some sort of "environmental trigger", like when people pass out at the site of blood. OK, so there I was on Monday, doing my boring ass IT Audit evaluations. And then I felt like I was going to burst into flames and pass out. So does doing my work make me pass out? I think no, since that is what I do all the live long day. I don't like his answer at all.
And what of the potassium and magnesium deficiencies? The ER doctor made them out to sound like a Big Deal. Dr. Big Gulp thought nothing of them. He gave me a prescription for magnesium (I already have one for potassium) and he said that I should come back in in two weeks to check my levels. He offered to get me a heart monitor to wear for two weeks, but he didn't think it would help. I agree with that, I just want some answers. Don't try to give me this "environmental trigger" bullshit! I read Family Circle (occasionally, at my mom's house) and I know about all those stories where the doctors told the women with rare and scary diseases that it was all in their heads. I don't actually think I have some sort of rare disease, but I am sure that nothing will be found if nothing is searched for.
In other news, it looks like we will be selling our house in the near future. I don't quite know where we will live after that, but the house needs to go. So we need to redo the kitchen, clean everything up, magically transport the dead treadmill to the curb (I really have no idea how that's going to happen), etc. Hence the need to just fast forward 6 months. I just don't want to deal with it. I am tired, I don't feel good, and no one seems to care.
All these things have combined to put me in a funk. Plus Leo threw away all of the catalogs I got yesterday, so I had nothing to look at this morning with my coffee. The baby started a mosh pit in my innards at 4:30 this morning, so I've been up since then.
FYI - Dr. Big Gulp's terribly impressive mullet (the long part is halfway down his back) is starting to go gray.
I am tired. I just want to go crawl under the covers.

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