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Jury duty let out at 11 am yesterday, right when I was starting to get bored. Naturally, I did not go back to work. Instead I went out to lunch with Mrs. W who was celebrating both a birthday and an anniversary. I was fairly lazy the rest of the day.

The concert was wonderful. He played a lot of old Talking Heads stuff. He also played more off of the second to last album rather than the last album which you would think he'd be trying to promote (btw, "he" is David Byrne. I'm rather sleep deprived right now).

I drove up to Canada early this morning. So that's why I'm a little sleep deprived. As in really, seriously sleep deprived. Which is why this is all I'm going to write.

Oh, go look at Ciara's disco photos (make sure to send her negative thoughts for not including any of me). I really like how Leo (in the blue) has a serious "model" look on his face.

Wow! Those negative thoguhts worked because Ciara has sinced shared a picture of me. Before you look at it let me just say that it is my firmly held belief that too much blush is what MADE the disco era. Oh, and I am not touching a Stridex pad to my chest, it was a necklace.

And it probably merits once again asking: "what's up with Leo?"

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