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When I changed my name in the Hilton Honors program, I was told that I had to fax them a copy of my marriage license.

The place where I spray tan has my fingerprints on file.

I can't write a check at a grocery store without two pieces of id.

But what do you need to vote? Nothing. Just write down the name of a registered voter and you are done. I find that pretty darn odd. I mean, couldn't they at least ask to see my driver's license? Does it make sense in this day and age to trust people not to cheat? OK, I bet the Southfield millage and school board elections weren't really prone to voter fraud. But still.

I'm having a little trouble getting back into the swing of things today. All day yesterday, I kept feeling like i was forgetting something or there was something that I had to be doing. I think it was because I wasn't studying or freaking out about the exam. The exam was Saturday and I have absolutely no idea how I did. The room I took it in was about negative two degrees and I had trouble holding a pencil because my fingers were so frozen. I won't find out how I did for another TEN WEEKS. Come on people, it was a scantron test.

We did indeed disco on Saturday. I'm hoping that Ciara or Dante shares some pictures soon. Because we were a force to be reckoned with.

I'm trying to figure out what to serve for our upcoming "party for the president". Obviously, beef will be the main course. Because how could you kick up your heels for W without beef? It's what's for dinner. But beyond that I'm stymied. What goes with Texas BBQ Beef Brisket? Paula Deen made some fried biscuits on her show this weekend and I think I'd like to try those. She even injected honey butter into them. So fattening, so trashy, most likely so good. I don't know why I've been so obsessed with trashy food lately, like the gooey butter cake. Paula Deen also made a Krispy Kreme bread pudding! Unfortunately, she used canned fruit cocktail which is something I have found disturbing. I think its because there is something in there that looks like eyeballs. Anyway, I could see making a krispy kreme bread pudding with cinnamon and raisins. I bet it would be amazing.

4ft tall spiky mullet woman is very loudly singing the praises of The Little Mermaid. I'm still not working. Did I mention that I have jury duty tomorrow? Well, I do. Yep, big thrills all around. Then I am off to Canada.

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