one more try for the book club!


My number one pet peeve (at least for today): ladies who try to initiate a conversation in the ladies room while I am sur la toilette.

Because I can't pee and talk to you at the same time. Why does anyone think that is appropriate?

I went to lunch yesterday with the IT manager and plant controller. The plant controller looks like the dad from Family Guy. The arc from his neck to his chin is rather remarkable. We went to a ritzy steak house. It was sooo overpriced. I had a "sliced filet" for $15. It was four bite sized pieces of meat. I have a small appetitive and I was hungry. Family Guy must have been starved.

I did a pretty good job of studying last night. I don't actually know if I'll pass the exam. I really should have started freaking out about it sooner.

I have become a tiny bit obsessed with these Gucci ice cube trays
. Ridiculous? Yes. But I am strangely fascinated by the concept of couture ice. And they bear my initial. We are going to a wedding this summer where the new couple's last name will begin with a G. People get such impractical over the top gifts anyway, wouldn't they just love Gucci ice cube trays?

I think that today may be my last day at the plant. That really depends on how much work I do today. I am really enjoying the freedom I have here though. It's lonely too. I didn't even get any fun email for a 6 hour period yesterday, plus I didn't really talk to people. Plus we are on total financial lockdown right now so there was definately no online shopping to do.

The first round of the book club is over. I wouldn't say that it was an overwhelming success (as there were basically only two of us participating)(Hmm. I guess I'm no Oprah) but I did find it very interesting to get someone else's opinion on a book that I was reading too. I think it merits one more go. Schwest has suggested some books so I compiled a poll to see what we should read next. So come on kids, let's give it one more try!

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