two years ago today!


Two years ago today, Leo and I got engaged.

I still consider it to be the absolutely most romantic thing to ever happen to me (even if it isn't so for the "usual" reasons). If Leo can get off work before 10pm (a big if) we are going to eat at Cuisine.

I had country ham for dinner last night. I LOVE country ham. But I feel like I'm being mummified from the inside due to the salt content. I hate to say it, but this ham hangover is so severe that I might think twice before I have country ham again.

I'm back in my office today. The audit went much quicker than expected. I sat down this morning and everything seemed as it should. The guy who yells at his kids was indeed on the phone yelling at his kids (at 7:30 am). The four foot tall woman with a spiky mullet was reviewing the latest People magazine with another coworker (again at 7:30 am). But wait - there was something missing! It took me about two hours to figure it out, but Tone...ey is no longer here! I don't think he left the company but I have no idea where he moved to. Oh bliss! Oh joy! The absolute pleasure of not having to here him answer the phone "this is Tone...ey". I'm sure that HQ will soon find someone equally quirky to take his spot. But for now I have a couple of relatively quiet days in my cube.

Other than that, my life revolves around my exam prep book and only the exam prep book. The German guy told me today that he is consistently scoring only 50% on the practice exams (75% is passing). I'm scoring 68%, but at least I know I won't have the lowest score (unless he is bluffing). My boss reminded me today that 20% of my bonus is tied to my performance on the test. And with that, I better get back to the books.

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