the trailer park of my dreams is no more


Oh blah.

I just can't get into work this morning.

My normal weekend pattern was thrown off because I had to go to mass on Saturday evening instead of Sunday morning. So Sunday felt like Saturday and Saturday felt weird. Leo golfed Saturday morning as part of the tournament. He and his brother won up until the final round. The awards dinner was Saturday night; we met some really nice people there. I think that Leo and I are the youngest golf club members so it's pretty unusual for us to meet people.

I sat down to study Saturday morning. After about 8 minutes, I decided that I should replace all of our outdoor lights and buy some curtain rods. So much for hitting the books. Instead, I spent the next two hours working outside. I changed the porch light first. The outlet box had a whole bunch of dead evil lady bugs in it but nothing too nasty. Then I went for the lights on either side of the garage door. I had to move the gigantic planters out of the way first and then climb up about three feet on a step stool. Each contained a hornets' nest. In the back of one of the boxes was a cobweb. As I cleared it away with a stick, I saw a thousand white-green eggs. Then a really huge white-green spider emerged. For some reason (I believe it must have been the color, because we have a whole bunch of spiders around here) I freaked out and took a step backwards. Unfortunately, I was on a step stool. So I ended up falling on my back. I didn't hit the concrete though because I had cleverly left the planters behind my step stool. So I ended up smashing a planter with my back.

At first, I thought I had been paralyzed. After a few seconds, I realized that I could move my feet, so I knew I wasn't paralyzed. My second thought was to flop over onto my stomach to make sure that no one had seen me. I figured that I must have put on my performance to a parking lot full of Mormons. Luckily there was no one around. It took me at least a minute to stand up. I am absolutely shocked to say that I survived this with nothing more than a two foot long bruise over my entire back. I am terribly sore, but I really thought it would have been worse. The planter did not survive, unfortunately.

On Sunday we went to some Civil War something or other at Fort Wayne (no, not Ft. Wayne Indiana, the fort downtown that is named Wayne). Davidde pretty much summed it up when he said it was the lamest historical location he's ever been to. The fort itself was kind of cool. It's leased from the US Army and is "maintained" by the Detroit Historical Society. The DHS definitely does not have the funds to maintain it so its in a really sorry state. It would make such a lovely housing development. Except that its next to Zug Island (where we went afterwards).

The trailer park of dreams is no more. In fact, it is now pretty damn scary. We drove past it yesterday. Last time we were there, there were kids out playing and people barbecuing. Now all of the trailers are there, but the out aluminum panels have been ripped off (Travelers?) so the insulation is exposed. It makes it look like they are made of straw. Some of them are burned but others look like the people were in the midst of something and just walked away on. It scared the bejesus out of me to drive in there. I thought that we'd be killed for sure. Davidde got some photos, I hope they turn out. Because I can't do justice in words to the ultra creepiness of that place.

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