I think I'm getting a little too worked up over PBS


For some reason, the theme song to The Great Space Coaster was going through my head this morning. So I decided to look up a fansite or two. It's funny, I have no memory of some of those characters (like Goriddle, who I may have nightmares about now) but I have very clear memories of the others. It's odd what sticks in my mind. I remember thinking that I was really too mature to be watching it at the time. I must have been 7 - 9 at the time, which doesn't seem at all to be too old. I'm ashamed to say that I could sing the entire theme song right now without looking up the words.

Colonial House made me a little cheesed off last night. I probably cannot even imagine what it would have been like to attempt to live as if it was 1628; I'm sure it was so much harder than I can imagine (so I probably should not be judging....however, I cannot help myself so here goes). OK, did that guy really need to come out of the closet at church? The announcer was quick to point out that homosexuality was punishable by death at the time, so nobody would ever volunteer such information about themselves. Isn't the point of these shows to try to live as these people really did then? So why did he have to come out? Was he uncomfortable not unveiling his secret? That's what gay people were in 1628, uncomfortable (and persecuted and sentenced to death if found out).

I also was upset over the fact that the women all banded together and decided to only cook four days a week. Come on ladies, it is 1628. You have no rights. You are on this planet only to cook, clean, and make babies. Sheesh. They had over 10,000 applicants for the show and they couldn't find people who wouldn't come out of the closet or boycott cooking? Did they have no concept of what colonial life was like? Did they think they were auditioning for a 1960's era love in? Life was really hard and everyone except a rich white man was oppressed.

Don't think that the past 24 hours has been devoted only to yelling at PBS and singing the Great Space Coaster theme song, oh no! I also went to a bar with the plant folk last night. It was....interesting. The ops director is in town. He was quite a character; he sat at the table with a huge cigar in his mouth the whole time (lit, of course. I may have developed asthma). I've always like manufacturing folk and I love to hear stories about how the company was 20 years ago (when the CEO was in operations, etc). The plant manager was also there and told me that his wife was also coming (presumably so I had someone to talk to since I am the only woman here). The plant manager is a good looking feller, in a silver haired Ralph Lauren sort of way. So I figured that his wife would be a pretty 40 something lady. Instead his wife was 22 and wearing the world's most reveling tank top and a skirt that was 1/2" long. She also has bleached and highlighted blonde hair, hot pink acrylic nails and wore too much frosty blue eye shadow. So I had all sorts of unkind thoughts about her from the get go. But she was really nice.

I really need to work on that whole "prejudging" thing. I would have handled it a lot better not prejudging her if she was ugly, but it's a problem both ways.

What else? I am being taken somewhere for dinner this evening that is called Mark's Feed Store. Oh, and the guys have an 11:30 tee time tomorrow. Now I get to struggle with what I will be doing at that time. I won't be golfing. So should I stay at work? I'm thinking that I might take a longer than usual lunch and then go back to work. There will be 8 or 9 guys playing golf, so I don't think that they'll be back. I've been thinking a lot about how handy it would be to be into guy things on this trip. We can't talk about the audit at lunch, so the conversation is always about sports. We went to a baseball game. They will be golfing tomorrow. It would never fly for us gals to take off from work at 11:30 to go shopping. Oh well. At least girls have better shoes.

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