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Three things I have learned about Louisville:

1) The official greeting is "How you?". Everyone is rather friendly and I have been asked "how you?" many times a day.

2) These people are nutso about air conditioning. It is a lovely 77 degrees outside, but in here it is about 50 and I'm wearing a jacket on top of a sweater. I am also freezing at every restaurant or store I go to.

3) For a landlocked area, they are really into fish. I have had some amazing fish here. In Michigan, people tend to not like fish. I've always attributed that to a combination of shipping problems in the last century and the subsequent rise of anti-fish culinary culture. But people in Louisville really like fish (and have really good fish) so maybe I'll have to rethink that.

I hate, hate, hate reality tv. Except for reality tv on PBS. Then I love, love, love it. And a new show started last night: Colonial House. Fascinating!

As some of you may know (as Schwest likes to vociferously complain about this) I sleep with my eyes open (not wide open like a dead person, but partially open). I was staring at the window as I woke up. Instead of seeing the two sides of the curtain, with a valance in between, I saw a gigantic pair of pants in front of the window. I just couldn't figure out why the pants were on the window. Then I woke up. Weird.

It looks like I'll be done early with this audit. WOOHOO! I don't think I'll be able to come home early though. At least I'm not all stressed out about finishing in time.

Remember Ned's Atomic Dustbin? Kill Your Television is on the radio right now. That is sooo senior year of high school.

BTW, I have confirmed that Shannon has made it safely to Richmond.

I started a new craft last weekend - rosary making. I thought that twisting all of those jewelry wire loops would come out pretty horrible, but it didn't. This way you cen make your own saint/crucifix/bead combos. I know, I life is overwhelmingly excting.

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