stress really works your abs


Does stress burn calories? I hope so, then at least I'd feel like I am doing something useful.

My boss has not reviewed any of my work and I need to present it as irrevocable fact tomorrow. I think my fabulous superpower of not crying when being screamed at may come into play tomorrow.

I used to manage a furniture store. Daily, customers would come in and scream at me, usually holding either hands or faces inches from mine. It wasn't a very good furniture store. But it gave me my amazing ability to be screamed at and not bat a single eyelash.

These people are going to be super pissed that I am writing their plant up for Sarbanes Oxley deficiencies. They admit to having the deficiency, they are just pissed that 1) they were never told it was a problem and 2) a lot of the requirements are stupid. It's completely not in the realm of audit to raise compliance awareness with auditees and I certainly was not consulted by congress when they wrote the act. Just between you and me, I'd be pissed to. So they will be screaming at me most of tomorrow as I am the only physical representation of headquarters anywhere near them.

I'd feel better about this if I felt like I know what I'm doing. I don't.

Have I mentioned that both financial auditors, the controller, plant manager, 10 UAW reps and the operations director are out golfing and have been since 11 am? Yeah. Where am I? Work. I did take a two hour lunch, but it wasn't at all "fun" and that hardly makes up for it. Is there anything as depressing as a woman eating lunch at a table for 1 and reading a book entitled "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter"??? I think not.

I tried to shop after lunch but I don't actually need anything and everything was so expensive. I did try on some clothes though. It's even harder for me to buy summer clothes than winter because I hate not wearing sleeves and I won't wear shorts.

I'm glad that my PBS outrage was shared by so many people. It won't stop me from watching the end, but it still pisses me off.

I think we are going to the ultra-expensive steak place tonight. Good. I need some wine. I was so stressed out yesterday that I only wanted chocolate cake and grain alcohol for dinner. I had neither. We went to the Feed Store. It's a BBQ restaurant in a former feed store. I have been eating dainty little salads all week. But last night I ordered a monster rib platter. So did the rather large older man I'm working with. The waitress set our dinners down at the same time. Three minutes later, I had nothing but a clean pile of bones in front of me. My coworker was on his third rib (which he was eating with a knife and fork).

I hate to admit this, but I'm beginning to see just how much it sucks to work in a male dominated industry. Every time we go out to eat, for example, they talk about sports or cars or other guy things that I don't give a rat's ass about. Right now they are golfing. The other night we went to a baseball game. If there was another woman here, we would...? I don't know what we'd do. Go see a movie? Go to a spa? Have a pillow fight? (just kidding) It makes me want to start a countdown clock to see how long I have left until I'm barefoot and pregnant.

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