Look! My work week is already half over!


Terribly exciting! I just bought David Byrne tickets. They were horribly expensive (perhaps it only seems that way because Leo and I never go out). Plus, the concert is on a Tuesday in Ann Arbor (which totally blows my chance of making my usual 9 pm bed time). Leo didn't even seem peeved about the place and time (but maybe that's because June is so terribly far away). Thanks to dad and scary I'll be able to go pick up the new album gratis as I still have one Borders gift certificate left.

I realized last night that Leo and I go through one dishwasher load of dishes a day. Is that normal? And, if we do this now, how many dishwasher loads will I do in a day when we have kids?

I am positively giddy about the upcoming chocolate tasting party. I have 9 types lines up. 3 are single bean bars (from the Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Mexico). 2 are "flavored"; 1 is flavored with masala, 1 with pink peppercorns. There's 1 white, 3 milk, 1 "medium" and 4 darks. I think I'll get another milk so we can look at how salt effects the flavor.

I've already made a tasting mat and guide. I've only been to one chocolate tasting before, so I did all of the studying up I could. Of course I realize that no one I know what's to have even a quarter of the knowledge I now have about chocolate. I understand that. I have vowed to not attack people if they refuse to sniff the chocolate (to judge the aroma) or rub it on their lips (to check the texture). I plan on being totally casual about the whole thing (just don't make fun of me for having chocolate on my lips).

No matter which of our many life plans we choose, we must redo our kitchen ASAP. We've decided on Ikea cabinets as they seem to have a good rep and they aren't too terribly expensive. Plus Leo and I can assemble them and then pay someone to actually install them. I'm scared to be without a kitchen for three weeks but I can't wait until it's done. I suppose this means another trip to Chicago, because the Ikea here isn't set to open until 2006.

I have decided that I won't ski in Vail, but I might dog sled. One can dog sled there on the actual sled part (no mushing) while a "professional" drives. It's just the sort of completely passive sport that I like. I imagine that there will be beautiful views (with the exception of the 12 dog butts) and I won't have another opportunity to go into the mountains.

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