2.5 hours left until vacation!


Darn it all. Vail's expensiveness is already annoying me and I haven't left Detroit yet! Clearly I need to relax after dog sledding with an herbal wrap of some sort and a full hour's massage. But that doesn't look like its going to happen as every spa I can find is charging over $2 a minute for massage! What sort of hoity-toity rich craziness is this? Isn't there a single spot for the hoi polloi to get a reasonable buck-a-minute post dog sledding massage???

I can already feel that this will be one of *those* vacations. As usual, Leo and I are on an all out spending freeze. Raj is flying us out to Vail and putting us up (presumably at his hotel, but maybe at his apartment). So we are already doing really well in the money department. But, just like last summer's *free* cruise (where we spent close to 5k), I have a feeling that this will turn out to be expensive. Leo will ski, of course, and how could I begrudge him that in Vail? I would have been off being scrubbed and soaked but I can't really come up with a good argument as to why I need to do that.

Oh well. Dog sledding will be good enough. Leo says that he'd feel bad for the dogs but I must ask what God intended when he put dogs on this earth if not to pull my lazy ass around? Anyway, I'm sure they are happier than every Detroit-bound cocker spaniel who spends the work week locked in a cage. These dogs have a true raison d'etre and spend their days frolicking in the snow. Perhaps I'll convince Leo that our money will go to buying them all some Alpo, a meal they might not of had if we didn't go dog sledding.

There are huge drifts of paper on my desk. I should probably get that taken care of before I leave. And I have to go cash the last of our tax refund checks (which is, coincidentally, the same amount as a rosemary and peppermint scrub). BTW, don't file your taxes the old fashioned way. We filed ours at the beginning of February and just now do we have our money back. I haven't done anything but e-file since it came out, but Leo and his dad did ours this year and they sent in the paper.

Oh! Here's more excitement... First let me say that I have always envied Shannon's ability to have celebrity dreams. My dreams usually only involve myself and people I know (and large homes that have lots of secret rooms). But last night I dreamt that I was me except I looked just like Christina Aguilera (who is not someone I would really care to look like). I had that big crazy black teased out hair and too much makeup. Anyway, me and Shannon and Sarah (who both looked like Shannon and Sarah) were running around my childhood home dressed in prom dresses in honor of Shannon's birthday. Nothing really happened, except that the little boy who lived next door to us was there and he was wearing his helmet (his parents lived in fear of him hitting his head so they made him run around wearing a protective helmet)(at least I think that's why he wore a helmet, I'm a little unclear on the whys and werefores of the whole helmet-wearing-boy-next-door situation).

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