it's really hard to eat Cap'n Crunch quietly at work


Leo and I did indeed smoke some pork on Saturday. The butcher didn't have Boston butt (our usual) so we smoked a loin roast and it was even better. I was afraid that it might dry out, but it didn't. I only smoked it for 4 hours instead of the 6 I normally do for the butt (but maybe that's because I like big butts)(oh! I'm killing myself over here).

I have no idea what we did yesterday. Well, there was the undergrad vs. law school hockey game (BC vs. U of M) last night, BC won. I read through most of it but started watching in overtime. The last thirty seconds were really exciting. It always stresses we out to be in the same room with Leo when he watches sports. He's quite fond of yelling things at seemingly random moments and it puts me on edge. Plus I never know what the yellings mean, like "Ice it!" or when he yells "Sit!" while watching golf. I can now associate the expletives with each sport, but I may never understand the meaning. Perhaps we need a live-in anthropologist.

I have thrown caution to the wind and scheduled a chocolate tasting for Easter Saturday. I'm sure there is something sacrilegious about that (am I supposed to be fasting perhaps?) but it seemed like a good time. Because, in just a few weeks, we'll have to have a birthday party for both Shannon and Davidde. So I had to sneak the tasting in there before the Shannovidde activities commence.

I found a book yesterday that I remember getting for Christmas of '02 that I haven't seen since. It's called When French Women Cook and its by Madeleine Kamman. What a great book! She dedicates one chapter for one of 8 ladies that influenced her cooking. Each chapter starts out with stories and ends with recipes and each lady comes from a different part of France.

I also reread Sacred Food which is one of my all time favorite books about food. It talks about different festivals and ceremonies around the world and how they use food. There are only a few recipes; I made the Galician Empenadillas last night for dinner. The back flap mentions that it inspired a 13 part BBC series which I WOULD LOVE TO SEE, but I couldn't find anything about it online.

Well, I have nothing to do today. Oh! The Detroit Internal Auditors group is having an excursion to Menopause, the Musical next month. I think I'll skip it. Other than that, it's all about keeping quiet for my three days of work this week. We're flying to Vail on Thursday morning. Have I mentioned that Raj's hotel has a mechanical bull? Yeah. Good times.

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