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There is some mandatory team bowling tomorrow. I tried to get out of it. I was told that it was a team building social event and my presence was required. Then I said that I'd come for moral support. I was told that I must bowl. Short of faking an injury, I'm not sure that there is anything I can do to get out of it at this point.

So, how bad can it be? Shannon just pointed out that at least there are no balls coming at me and I have very little chance of getting hurt. At least its not volleyball! (I have a very hard time with depth perception and volleyball is rather embarrassing when you can't tell which side of the net the ball is on). True, it could be a lot worse. But this will still be bad.

The guy organizing it is from Sterling Heights. Leo is also from SH and he swears that anyone who is from SH is very into bowling. This holds true, this guy is WAY into bowling. He asked me for my "average". I told him zero.

Why can't we do some group craft project instead? If women were the dominant gender in business, this is what we would be doing. We could reprise the Girl Scout's barrette braiding project where you thread skinny ribbons through the barrette and let the long ends dangle (possibly with some corn row beads on the ends). That would be fun. Instead we are going to we have to have this awkward competitive thing that no one (or almost no one) enjoys while wearing stinky rental shoes.

I really don't like being "the person who sucks". That's too bad because tomorrow TPWS will be tattooed on my forehead. Everyone else says they are bad, but I know that they can't be as bad as me. Don't these people know that the very thought of doing this with my group makes me want to throw up?

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