is it just me?


There's something about hearing every single person at work simultaneously discuss the calorie content of pczackis that makes me want to go all tasmanian devil on their asses. Plus, the morning news put the calorie content at 400. Everyone around here thinks its 800. If the cream filled donut that they regularly eat has 310 calories, that doesn't seem that big of a deal to me.

Further annoying me this morning is Mr. Tone-y. He laughs like he's about to die of suffocation.

And to top it all off, I am finishing up my 100 interviews for a global audit that I'm heading up. I am down to interviewing the people in my office. I have repeatedly called a couple of people who sit all of 12 feet away from me. I know they are there, I CAN HEAR THEM, but they don't answer their phones. And they certainly don't return my calls.

I'm rather down on humanity today.

And if one more person says "Happy Pczacki Day!", I may implode.

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