I'm living on a Chinese rock!


I made this last night, for my mom's party, and I think I might eat the whole pan myself. It's light and crunchy and salty and chocolaty and caramelly and wonderful. OK, and trashy too. But it is SO GOOD!

I also discovered this radio station. They were playing all sorts of songs that I hadn't heard in ages. Like Chinese Rock. I used to love that song. I'd forgotten about it. And Punk Rock Girl. Really, when's the last time you heard that?

So I was high on my love of the accessible punk hits of the late 70's and 80's when it hit me: the next time I'd hear Chinese Rock would be in a car ad. How depressing! You just KNOW that's where we are going. In a marketing department at some car company - right now - in fact, it could be happening within miles of where I'm sitting, some marketing person is saying "how can we lure the Gen Xers to buy our car?". Then some overly hip ad agency will brainstorm through all sorts of our beloved high school music "What about the Pixies? or the Sex Pistols? I know, we'll use Chinese Rock because no one can remember who originally played it (Violent Femmes? Ramones? some no-name band?) and the royalties will be low..." and the next thing you know, it will be in a car ad.

There's something about fasting (and dieting) that makes me want to eat uncontrollably. It's horrible. I skipped lunch yesterday because I was so busy. I was fine. Now that I am "fasting" today (one full meal and two mini-meals, which isn't too tough of a fast) I just want to shovel food into my mouth. We had a good Mardi Gras though, Leo picked up two steak dinner's from Agave. They were EXCELLENT!

BTW, have you noticed the misuse of Mardi Gras? Do people not get that this means fat Tuesday and it is a specific day? I've seen several ads for "Mardi Gras Parties" at different bars and restaurants in March. That's like having a Christmas party in January.

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