LOVE the in-house counsel!


Question: How convenient is it to be married to a lawyer?

Answer: Pretty darned convenient.

Especially if you have all of these freakish collections problems (first the thing with Comcast, which is still going on 15 months later) then with the doctor's office (they double billed me, my insurance paid one instance and then they say they will throw me into collections for the rest). After I have called them again and again ("yes, we see that we made a mistake, and we will rectify it in our own sweet time"), Leo wrote me a letter to send them. It contains this sentence, which I think pretty well sums it up:

Unless your company immediately rectifies this billing error, I will pursue all available options to rectify your error and to prevent my credit report from being besmirched by your false allegations of non-payment, including legal action to recover damages for your breach of contract and your violations of the consumer protection statutes.

You gotta love a man that uses the word "besmirched".

I was so excited about the letter that I almost forgot my big news! We own a sofa! That's right, kids, no more twin sized bed in our living room. Between this and the dining room chairs, it almost looks like real people live in our house.

There's a guy accross the aisle named "Toney", not "Tony", It's tone-y. And he always answers this phone "Hi, this is Tone(pause)E". This really gets on my nerves. I suppose that he has every right to be named whatever he'd like. But it's really annoying.

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