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I finally made it back to the place where we registered yesterday. I had to return a few things that we received multiples of. I also returned the silver chest because we received no silver. With the returns and the gift certificates, I had a sizeable amount of cash. $700. Enough for a sofa. Enough to replace the twin size bed in the living room with a real piece of furniture that is designed to be sat on. Unfortunately, the place we registered does not sell sofas.

I guess that's good, in a way. It forced me to finish purchasing the crystal and dishes that we have. $700 sounds like a lot, but it doesn't go all that far when you are buying crystal and china. I bought up all of the Waterford to complete our set. I didn't register for the "real" Waterford crystal that is $100 a stem. Instead, I registered for the budget Waterford crystal that is $30 a stem. I really don't know what the difference is, but $30 a stem seems expensive enough for me. I also bought 8 more of the "Holiday Plaid" salad plates (I still need 2 more...hint, hint). I adore these plates because they have a plaid ribbon (very Leo), fruit (very me) and they look very 1950's.

While I was there, I happened to see the mystery wine holder that didn't have a card. I have been feeling pretty darn bad about this because we can't thank whoever gave it to us. I figured that it cost around $40 (I didn't register for it). The price tag said that it actually cost $150!

I couldn't believe it. Plus, we've received a huge salad bowl from the same company which must have cost as much as the wine thing. Holy expensive!

When I shop for gifts, I have a real thing about finding a gift that appears to cost more than what I paid. This is the complete opposite (at least to me, I'm sure there are tons of people who are very in to these things and know exactly what they cost). I suppose that enough people must buy the stuff to keep the company in business. The mind boggles.

BTW, if anyone recognizes the wine holder, PLEASE let me know. Maybe I could put up flyers around Somerset...

I was too lazy to make a real dinner last night so we had sausages and pancakes. Leo had already opened a bottle of wine, and I now know why people don't drink wine with pancakes.

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