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I am SO READY to cook for spring. I just could not bring myself to do real work this morning, so I was looking for Easter recipes. I've decided on classic French (perhaps from the Dordogne?) as a theme but I want to use all of the wonderful things that can only be found at that time of year (like ramps and fiddlehead ferns) and spring flavors like salmon, petit pois, goat cheese and baby vegetables. And I'd like to do a lemon soufflé with chocolate sauce for dessert. I really like the flavor combination that is found in reception sticks (orange, lemon, lime or cinnamon with chocolate) and I'd like to use one of those. I've also talked about making a pavlova...I'll have to think about it.

My cooking this weekend was not so successful. Normally I generate more timelines and paperwork than NASA uses to launch a shuttle but this time I kind of fell down on the job. The worst mistake I made was making a huge amount of yellow rice and not serving it. I just wasn't very organized. We went out to dinner with Leo's family the night before, so I couldn't do any prep. Still, I should have been more organized. I guess it went ok any how, I just wished I'd been more organized. I also made enough salad to feed about 300 people. I didn't dress two thirds of it, so we will be eating salad forever. In fact, I packed a 12" x 12" x 4' salad for myself today (as if I could eat that much) and I think we'll have salad for dinner tonight and it still won't be gone.

Have I mentioned that I don't want to work? I have such a hard time letting go of work on Friday and getting back into it on Monday. I do think I'd function better with 10 day work week and 4 day weekends.

I wish I'd planted bulbs in the fall. I just love to see the first crocus of the year, they always come out impossibly early. I think I'll have to get my landscaping act together this spring. We also have to paint the house which is a project I'm not looking forward to.

I think a new batch of soap making supplies are coming tonight. Oh no! I just read back through this and realized that I've only talked about cooking, gardening and soap making. Damn, I'm old and boring.

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