I'm in it for the hot toddies


This is enough to give my brother in law nightmares!

Chocolate Sushi.


It looks like we will be going skiing this weekend with Shannon and Daryl. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I am all about the trip (even though I'll have to wake up at the crack of down on Sunday, drive four hours, then get on a plane to San Antonio). But I'm not sure how I feel about skiing. I used to ski, but it has been 12 years (shit, I'm old).

I had a bad skiing accident when I was 8. At the top of a chair lift, my ski caught on some ice. It twisted almost all the way around (tearing my knee ligaments) but the bindings never popped off). The ski patrol took me down the hill in a body bag and Schwest thought I was dead. I was in a brace for months. To this day, my knee still aches when it rains. So I wasn't all that keen on skiing thereafter.

Clearly, I got back on skis since then. But it was never then same. As a kid, I didn't ever think about falling or hurting myself so I would go down the hill fairly fast. It was fun to go fast and be free. The last time I skied, I liked to go slow. It wasn't nearly as much fun and I was a little too edgy about hurting myself.

As if there wasn't enough psychological drama in all this already, the last time I skied I was with Tony. We didn't have any sort of memorable time, but skiing does now remind me of Tony. I don't know if I can articulate this, but going skiing again would be like taping over those memories. OK, that doesn't make ANY sense. But there is a bit of sadness mixed in there.

I am going to bring my skis but I'm still not totally sure if I'll use them. Raj has bought us a trip to Vail for the wedding and Leo doesn't know how to ski so it does seem to make sense to do it now.

If, for nothing else, I'm in it for the hot toddies.

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