I worked for 11 hours straight yesterday. I didn't even get a lunch break. My last meeting ran so late that the cleaning crew tried to come in at one point. Here's what I learned:

No matter how late you are for a meeting, never run to the bathroom. Running to the bathroom sends the wrong message to passers by.

I actually had a dream last night where I was looking at a flow chart. I realized that I was waking up, so I thought to myself that I should really get back to sleep. So, I then envisioned a flow chart that said "Sleep" as a terminator.

Most of my meetings yesterday where conference calls overseas. It just amazes me how much more interesting some things can be when discussed in broken english. Who can resist it when Germans pronounce V's as W's?

I think it's overkill that Hilton wants a copy of my marriage certificate to change my name in their honors (oh, excuse me, that's hhonors) program. My credit cards didn't even want it.

Yesterday, my boss sentenced me to three weeks of hard labor in rural Ohio. It's not Indiana (sorry, Sarah) but still. It's gets even better, because I'll be working as a CPA in training. Ohio! Accounting! Here I come!

Is it just me, or does Anna Nichole Smith appear to weigh about the same amount in both the before and after pictures for whatever the diet drug she is hawking is called? I find that commercial so sad. First of all, it appears as if the paparazzi is going wild over the weight she has lost, which is negligable at best. Then she announces that she is "back" as if her carreer was on hold because she, who is overwieght to begin with, gained an extra five pounds (perhaps 2% of her total body weight) and it was just the five pounds that broke the camels back? It just makes me depressed.

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