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Leo didn't believe me that the photographer's wife is crazy.

We had to spend close to FOUR HOURS with her yesterday. She wasn't as crazy as I've seen her on other occasions, but she didn't make a liar out of me either. I think the craziest thing she did was when she started crying (for real crying) about how the Mexicans are taking Americans' jobs. What do you say to that? "Yeah, NAFTA gets me down sometimes too, but I just have to hold my chin up high and go on"?

I got to watch her struggle to use a computer, which was enough by itself to drive me batty. I was placated somewhat when she gave me a big stick so I could point at pictures over her shoulder. It also allowed me to beat Leo when he disagreed with me (which was suprisingly rare).

Looking at the pictures really cemented (at least in my mind) the hierarchy of wedding guests who suck:

4. the people who don't RSVP

3. the people who RSVP that they are coming and then don't show up so you've purchased $75 in food for them that is wasted

2. The person who took a cream puff off of the croquenbouche before the photographer got there

1. The person who took a second cream puff off of the other side before the photographer got there which ensured that I will never have a picture of my wedding cake! This person is the absolute worst.

I'm glad I got that off of my chest. But seriously, what sort of schmo would want a cream puff that bad?

BTW, if you know anyone who got us a Nambe wine cooler, the card fell off and I don't know who to thank.

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