I have a hard time calling a middle aged woman "Kitty". I also have a hard time having a serious discussion about her.

I got to translate a French flow chart today, which was interesting as it contained all sorts of words I never learned in school like "overhead" (frais généraux) and management (gestion).

I just read about a bacon tasting in the NY Times. Why can't I ever attend a bacon tasting?!??! I've always wanted to throw a chocolate tasting too. I've only been to one, but it was lead by a professional chocolate taster (why can't I have that job?). I miss belonging to a food group, I wish I could find one in the MDA. Ann Arbor is just too far away (plus I was the only member under the age of 70).

Speaking of food, my group had their holiday lunch today (we're only a month and a half late). I took them to a Vietnamese restaurant and you would have thought that I asked them to eat live dogs, they were so freaked out (and this isn't even a hardcore fresh-off-the-boat from Vietnam kind of place). My boss said that my job depended on this restaurant not being weird. Everything turned out ok but there was a lot of bellyaching.

Leo just sent me an email that only says "Schnauzer!". He is an odd duck, isn't he?

I am soooo looking forward to the weekend. I'm just not cut out for this whole "working" thing.

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