a very meaty weekend


Has there ever been a better album to listen to on a Monday when you are doing boring and tedious things at work than the best of Kraftwerk? The answer is, of course, no.

Shannon, Daryl (first known collectively as Shanaryl, then renamed Dannon and Sheryl by my mom) and I went to Chicago this weekend. We saw my brother in law's band play. They rocked. We proposed a Detroit tour. I think Shannon has appointed herself as their Detroit booking agent. Stay tuned for show dates.

Schwest graduated on Saturday. So she's a liberryan now. All hail Schwester!

We celebrated at a Brazilian steakhouse. Each person gets a card that is red on one side and green on the other. When you flip the card to green, "gauchos" swarm you with large chunks of meat on swords. It's really quite overwhelming (and tasty).

We had brunch at the House of Blues on Sunday. I've always wanted to go to the gospel brunch. The food was mediocre but the music was great. I even got on stage at the end. And I was hugged by Bishop whatever his name was and the entire Victory International choir.

I came home to the cleanest house I have ever seen. Leo had been cleaning since Friday night apparently. My house looks like a hotel. It looks like real people don't live there. Crazy. We decided that he'd make a much better housewife than I.

All day today, people who are less than 20 feet from my office have been calling me. It's very odd to speak to someone on the phone when you can kind of hear their voice through the wall. I'm lazy, but at least I'll just stand up and walk 20 feet to talk to someone.

Here's a little quiz for you. What city does this CNN headline refer to:

When people think of ***CITY***, many picture a barren and unwelcoming place defined by violence and poverty -- but the city gets a chance to shake that reputation once a year.

Is it

A) Calcutta

B) Kinshasa

C) Port-au-Prince

D) Detroit

The answer, of course, is D. At least they didn't use the word wasteland. Also, please sroll down to see CNN's top two complaints about Detroit. Number one is the crime rate. Number two is that there aren't enough restuarants. They also talk smack about the steaming sewers, which I happen to love.

What should I do for Leo's birthday? Party? Dinner party? Quiet dinner at home? I just don't know...

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