Ah, Detroit!

This morning, I walked past the fax machine. On top there was a piece of paper that said "Amman, Jordan". I briefly wondered who the fax was for because there isn't anyone here named Jordan Amman. I hadn't had my morning tea, that's my only excuse.

I have received another bad haircut. I look like two parts the little boy on "Who's the Boss?" and one part Jerry Lee Lewis. The overall effect is not pleasant. Unfortunately, this is one of the few things that I can't just learn and then do myself. Maybe I can send Leo to beauty college at night and then he could cut my hair.

This brings up another sore spot in my life, that I have never had a gay friend who does hair (actually, I've never had any friend who does hair). Actually, none of the gay people I know are interior designers either. I do know one guy who is a graphic designer, but that doesn't help. I am surrounded by very creative people who either are gay, were gay or are closeted gay-to-be, so why is it that none of them can make either me or my house look better? You would think that I would be a magnet for someone with these skills. I am clearly in need of help (little boy haircut, gold vertical blinds, etc.).

I just found out that I'll be going to San Antonio in the middle of next month. I've always wanted to go there and February seems like a good time. Any recommendations? I think its San Antonio that has puffy tacos (instead of a tortilla they make them with a puffy flat bread). The real problem with these business trips is that there is never enough personal time. I think I'll only have one night on my own, the rest will be spent with a thousand IT auditors (sounds like a grand old time, eh?). The conference actually involves all of us going to a "show". I guess it could mean a movie, but I think it must be some sort of staged thing. The conference only costs $250 so I can't imagine what this will be (a high school play, prehaps?). Oh, don't they have icehouses in San Antonio? I just thought of that.

Oh, here's something that will have half of America peeing on the toilet seats: three women were badly burned because of a clear gel chemical that was spread on public toilet seats (can't remember where). This gives me nightmares!!! I'd link to the story, but then you would also have nightmares.

FYI: It's Sarah's Birthday!

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