My mother has been living in fear for a week because "something" has been living in her basement. She had the next door neighbor come over and check it out, but he didn't find anything. So she set a trap.

Last night, she caught what she thinks in a squirrel. She was expecting a chipmunk, so the trap is a little small for its contents. I volunteered to release the squirrel on my lunch hour, but was told that I can't because my grandma was bitten by a squirrel as a child. A man must do this (I wonder what the rule would be if my grandfather had been bitten by a squirrel). So Leo is coming to the rescue tonight. He'll do that, while I drive to Chicago.

My brother in law's band is playing tonight. I haven't seen them for a while, so I'm pretty excited about this. Plus, it beats the heck out of releasing a squirrel.

There is, apparently, a coyote in my backyard. Leo says that his dad saw it on the golf course across the street from us. Leo and I have been arguing back and forth about what kind of dog to get. He wants something gigantic (newfoundland), I want something smaller (bulldog). This will definitely influence out decision. Would a coyote eat a bulldog? Would it eat a newfoundland?

I wanted to do a tribute to Schwester, first on her birthday (missed it) then on her graduation day (tomorrow). Looks like I haven't gotten my act together in time for either. But I may still do it. Hold your breath.

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