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This is a photograph of me and Mrs. W that was taken in 1996. Look at my hair color! Mon dieu! You can't really see it, but I have on my knee length 1992 black crushed velvet prom dress (I wonder if it would fit now?). I think Dante took this picture outside of Shannon's apartment, before a party. I'm sure more than one photograph was taken that night; if only I could break into Dante's photo vault! Also, please notice how Mrs. W looks EXACTLY THE SAME and I now look like this person's mother.

How could anyone not love this picture? This is my dear Schwester when she was working at Greenfield Village as an 1860's era waitress. One of the best things about this photograph is that it is the only known photo of her in her Village get up. My mom thinks that she can Photoshop a bouquet of flowers over my sister's hand. I pointed out that she is also making a face.

I'm taking orders for t-shirts, if anyone is interested.

Sure, we are holding dorky signs that say "thank you", but its the only wedding picture that I have on me. This is going to be the cover of the thank you cards, possibly the first in a series of Leo and Christine greeting cards (can't you just picture it?).

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