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My left eye is all red. And it's cloudy so I can barely see out of it. I am beginning to think that I may eye!

I remember really wishing that I had pink eye in high school. One red eyeball was a sure get out of school free card. It's really the only illness that ensures staying home from school, but doesn't make you so sick that you can't enjoy it. If I were in high school, I'd be at home, laying on the sofa and watching cable. Actually, if I were in high school right now, I'd be laying on a sofa watching cable anyway. Why can't I go back to high school??? Actually, there'd be a possibility that I'd have to unload a semi of wicker, or sell cards, so maybe it's not all bad.

Eye update: my left contact actually split in two. So I don't have pink eye. Which is good, because it would be frowned upon if I went home for anything less than a severed appendage. It does not bode well for the commute home though.

I have to go to the costume store tonight to buy a beret for one of the VPs who is being shipped off to the Paris office. I've been asked to give the going away speech, and I've decided that I should finish by presenting him with a personalized (I'm thinking gold glitter) beret. I wish I could find a red one like Rerun wore on What's Happening, but they only have black (I called to check). The costume store is very creepy and I'm not looking forward to going there. They sell dance equipment and fake dog poop and, at least from the outside, the store looks like it has never been cleaned.

My coworkers have decided to use me as a holiday food clearing house. So I've eaten so much chocolate that my ass will likely incredible hulk out of these pants any minute.

Every time I call someone at work, I always say my new name (at least when I can remember). And no one knows who this person is. So I'm trying to figure out a way that doesn't sound awkward. "Hi, this is Christine Gibson ne Holderby?" That sounds too high falutin. I've been saying "Hi, this is Christine Gibson, but you know me as Christine Holderby" which sounds kind of weird. Any suggestions?

Can I just say that I am SO DAMNED HAPPY to be back to my normal, boring life?

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