30 is the new 21


That's what Mrs. W wrote in her birthday card to me and I think it's the perfect slogan for today.

The wedding went off without a hitch (well, you know what I mean). I'm sure I'll post pictures later. It really felt like the whole day was about ten minutes long. I can't wait to see the video because I don't remember much about it. I wish I had had more time to speak to everyone from out of town.

The honeymoon was lovely. For some reason, a lot of my friends thought that Cancun would be filled with drunken college students. We didn't see any college students, just lots of European, Mexican and American families. There were a shocking number of American restaurants there (TGI Friday's, Chile's, etc.). We managed to avoid all of them except for lunch on New Year's Day when everything was closed.

I fell in love with the hotel's margarita's, which were made from fresh squeezed lime juice. It got so I craved them even in the morning. So I asked a waiter, in my broken Spanish, if he could make me one without the tequila. He looked at me like I was crazy and said that I wanted a limonada (a lemonade). I could drink one about every thirty seconds. They were amazing! We ate tons of seafood and almost all of it was Mexican (surprise). I really like Southern Mexican food so much more than Northern.

We spent most of our time on the beach. Leo didn't even golf. Oh, there's this:

My version of the story:

We went snorkeling out by the barrier reef one day. It was gorgeous, but a little too choppy for my taste. Anyway, it came time for everyone to get back in the boat when I noticed that there was not a ladder. Instead, the guide and the boat driver were going to pull everyone up into the boat by their arms. On their first attempt, they almost got me in, but then I came scraping down on the side of the boat on my back. I thought the same thing happened on the second try, but when I fell back into the water, I saw the boat driver there. He said that in 11 years of doing this, that was the first time he'd ever been pulled in. He scrambled back into the boat, and on the third try, they pulled me in. The boat driver was a little Mayan guy, about 4'6" and he couldn't of even weighed a hundred pounds. I probably could have looked at him and knocked him over. I felt bad for the guy, but really, what was he thinking not having a ladder?

Leo's version:

Leo's version of the story is the same up until the second try. He says that at this point, I turned green and got all muscle-y in anger from being scarped down the side of the boat. The two grabbed my arms again, but I then pulled them down to flex. The little Mayan men flew into the water as my arms came down.

Leo liked to retell this story to me every night thereafter. Even yesterday I caught him chuckling about it.

Thank goodness that we got back on Friday because the house looked like the Blood Bath & Beyond stock room. We got the curtains up in the living room / dining room yesterday, so there are no more gold blinds in the common areas! I cannot express how supremely happy I am about this. Leo said that it actually looks like WE live there now (as opposed to Liberace living there).

Have I mentioned that I am THIRTY today? As usual, I don't even feel like celebrating anything this week. But Leo, mom and I are going to have dinner tonight, just to say we did. I think this means that I am now an adult (or maybe that's 40).

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