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If you would have told me on Friday that I was about to purchase a two piece bathing suit from Sears, I would have laughed out load. If you also would have told me that I was about to get another bad haircut, I probably would have stared back at you in disbelief that there was any other sort.

I went back to the World Trade Center / September 11 hair salon. For the first time in five years, I made an appt. It was a Saturday, after all, so there were probably going to be hoards of folks looking to have their haircut. As it turns out, that was not the case at all. In fact, when I got there there was only one woman having her hair cut (by the lady I made the appt. with) and the rest of the hairdressers were standing around chatting.

The lady having her hair cut told everyone there about the pact she made with her sister, when they both moved to the retirement home: they promised to pluck each othersí chin hairs. You know, because, according to her, her kids just werenít going to do it. And you thought the WTC Salon atmosphere couldnít get any better, right?

I usually get the bad haircut that makes me look like the little boy from Whoís the Boss? This time, I look like the missing member of The Human League. They had a dark haired and a blonde girl, so I think they really do need one with reddish hair. Right?

After becoming the very height of early 80ís new wave, I headed off to the mall to buy a bathing suit. Buying a bathing suit is never pleasant (think every Cathy cartoon strip ever written) but it was especially tough to find the first suit Iíve owned since í91, after giving birth.

I have a merchandise credit at Marshall Fields, but all their suits were still $80 or so even after discounts and there was no way I was going to spend that much, merchandise credit or not. I wanted to go to JC Penneyís, but I got lost (in Fairlane, mall of my youth, of all places) and ended up at Searís instead.

Why are there no 1 piece suits to be had? Thatís why I didnít buy one at Target. Any how, I found a 2 pice combo that would suffice. And thus ends the bathing suit saga.

Owen found a new pastime last night: kicking Davidde. A worthy pastime.

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